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About this manual

This is a manual. There are many manuals, but this one is ours. It's not a tutorial, it's not technical documentation, it's not complete, and it's probably not always one hundred percent up-to-date. But we love it - and hopefully you do too.

Like Ultraschall itself, this manual is a community project under open license. It is intended to help you get started, to be a reference for individual functions, and to show you the corners of Ultraschall that you may not yet know (so well). We've tried to explain mostly the typical, simple workflows to get you started - but also cover more advanced and complex projects in additional topic blocks or separate chapters.

The beauty of this digital book is that incomplete and imperfect things invite you to follow along. So if you find an error, wish for additions, or something is unclear to you, contact us - or fork the Ultraschall Manual project on Github, make a suggestion, and publish it as a pull request. With the help of the community of users, we plan to add more topics and chapters here in the future, go into detail about new Ultraschall versions, and illustrate or add videos to even more sections. There is enough to do, feel free to join in!